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As a part of healthcare system, we play an important and responsible role in providing medicines and other related instruments, precautionary, life-saving and general, with utmost safety.
We exercise protection measures at every step for the well-being of our staff and patients. 
Human safety is our No.1 priority!

Every autoclave-able instrument undergoes a process before using it on the patient:-

  1. Washing

  2.  Ultrasonic cleaning with heat and chemical compounds. 

  3.  Sealing of all the instruments in sterilisation pouches. 

  4.  Then the sealed pouches are emasculated in Class-B autoclaves, which are of great magnificence, under excessive strain and steam. 

  5.  After the sterilisation of the devices, they are stored in the UV chamber.

In inclusion to this,

  1.  Pure distilled water is used for every aerosol technique

  2. The complete running area is fumigated with Silver increased Hydrogenperoxide (FDA accredited) after every affected person

  3.  Each patient is provided with disposable head covers and footwear covers before entry into the working area

  4. Disposable drapes for every patient are also added

  5. Continuous cycle of ventilation and air exhausts is done with specialized air purifier meant for dental aerosols 

  6.  Sanitisation of dental chair and different surfaces which could come in contact with the affected person or the operator is carried out after each patient.

  7.  We take safety, sterilisation and prevention of cross contamination very critically

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